Friday, November 30, 2012


woohoo.. best time of the year has finally come! :D
december = christmas = holiday = good times!!!

crazy how fast the time flies.. and suddenly here we are at the end of 2012.
i'm honestly excited to finally close this for this whole year has been really really weird for me.
been doing seriously nothing! being a serious lazy bum, but yet keep getting everything (which i don't really deserve actually..oops).
now it makes me curious... i personally sense myself gonna have to work my ass like crazy next year, to pay off what i did this year (which is nothing.). ooo..i am in so much debt.
can't wait to welcome 2013, i've been wanting so much to get outta this guilty pleasure torture!
what could be worse than feeling guilty inside but secretly enjoying it so much..and going on and on and on >,<

for me nothing is better than having a balanced life.
so, i better prepare myself...getting ready to balance it off at 2013! ha! :P

oh God, please lead me through...

btw, these photos were taken on my 8th anniversary day with my bf.
major thanks to God for keeping us accommodated in everything we do :)

mine | collared top: from Thailand, grey knit outer: Esprit (old), black long skirt: JayJays
his | print jumper & white shirt:, jeans: Nudie, sneakers: Onitsuka Tiger

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


mmm..okay. it's been awkwardly a month since my last post.
didn't mean to abandon this little personal-fashion space that i had created out of boredom since several months ago.
but the activities with the photography project that i and my bf have been doing, has been consuming most of our time..which means good actually.
it has just started for around 3 months, so we both need to give our 100% into this project.
and the absolute consequence for me is that i couldn't leisurely blog like before.. :(
and also, i've been spending too much time editing photos on the computer, so whenever i got free time, i wouldn't touch the computer...hence no blogging for a while.

though i'm a girl, i am clearly not a multitask person. it drives me crazy.. oh no. *facepalm*

but since the photography project has been making a great progress (yay!), i guess i should could spare some time to do some outfit post in each month.

and btw, if you wanna see some of our random photo-project, check it out at Facebook: fire, wood & earth photography.
please show some support by liking the page if you guys can ;)

and follow us on instagram: @firewoodandearth.
my personal instagram: @by_agnes.

blue knit sweater: Stradivarius, leather jacket: JayJays, leather tights:, black lasercut heels: Alberto Piazza, wool beanie: unbranded, black cylinder bag: unbranded, gold necklace: unbranded.