Thursday, March 21, 2013

cold pressure.

clock is ticking, and i am trying to stand still and yet run at the same time. the time seems to be never enough for this circle. especially in this place..the world suffocates me.
everything i'm afraid of starts to become real..way too soon.
people..they think they've got all figured out. and he..he thinks he could help me.
and i always do what i do best when i get pushed: i push anything surrounds me.

it's the cold pressure that the world has finally given me. pushing me towards the crossroad, forcing me to choose that one thing that is un-negotiable before i even know all of other possible options.

world, you're either my friend..or my enemy. please start to compromise...before i'm done compromising you. before i start to do whatever it would take to go against you. when that time comes, all the impossibles i've asked that you've been trying to prove will become a longer valid.
please don't let the inner me takes over me. if you do, you might lose me. it will no longer be heart over brain.
i am my own kind, i don't take orders.

oversized soft turquoise shirt: my dad's, black jeans: LOGO, accessories: Diva

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Friday, March 1, 2013

clash of powers.

took these photos a while ago and almost forgot to post them until today.
wearing some preppy outfit, i tried to mix 2 of my favorite colors, also (in my opinion) the strongest and red.
i really like combination of red and black on things..such as bags, shoes, accessories, and almost any other things..including outfits.
i think both colors (especially worn together) give the perfect strength and boldness to the personality of the outfit.
but sometimes when we're not careful mixing them, they also can make the whole outfit looks too they got too much 'strengths' on them, especially if we don't mix with the right accessories.
so here i wore my bf's grey jumper to tone down the look a little bit, a tweed bag for an accent and some golds accessories to match my gold collar studs :D
hope you guys like it :)

red studded blouse: Magnolia, grey jumper: Just Jeans Men, black faux-leather leggings:, black mary-jane shoes:, handbag: New Look, accessories: Diva

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