Monday, April 27, 2015


You.Only.Live.Once is a very popular phrase. And it has also been my life motto ever since I knew it. Scream 'YOLO' in my mind, and it can automatically be a powerful trigger for me to do things outside of comfort zone. But for me the phrase doesn't stop right should be 'YOLO, do whatever it is you want as long as it's good for you and doesn't hurt others'. That has been a rule I live by, now and forever.

And knowing that I am only gifted one life, it made me become greedy. I want to experience A LOT of things! Things I haven't done and seen before. As many as I possibly can. I want to experience any kind of emotions in this world...sadness, grief, regret, excitement, love, heartbreak, happiness..the highs and lows..anything. It makes me feel real and complete as a person.

In terms of life, one of my wildest dreams is to lead a nomadic life. The civilized style of nomadic of course. Move from one place to other place every few years. Continuously experience many different lives in many different places, know and see more things, keep changing and polish myself to be a better human being.
To me it's such a waste to spend your life being settled in one place when we have the whole world to see. I believe in keep moving until we find that one place that makes us feel we belong there. Where we can finally settle down and grow our family tree and THEN live a normal life like the rest would do.
Ooh..a girl can dream right?

As for now, we just moved our life to Bali. It's the third move for me (and I heard everyone should move at least 5 times in their life haha). Life is good here, but I know this place won't be our last stop. I don't want to spend my forever-after here. There's still a looonggg way to go.. This is just another start in the whole journey.

outfit: H&M satin lace camisole in blush color, mom's vintage pants, Charles & Keith white leather with gold + wood heels.