Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bali (1).

hi guys, how's your holiday preparation going? Christmas is around the corner.. i can't wait!!
meanwhile, since i promised you guys that i will post my photo diary from my short trip to Bali last month, here's some of the first part..
dinner at Bubbagump on the first's located at Kuta.
then Padang Padang beach the next day..

A little info about this beautiful beach, it's the beach where Eat, Pray, Love was shot at. i'm sure you all know this great movie in which the beautiful actress Julia Roberts acted on :)

anyway.. these are only FEW of many more photos that i took!

please do have a look on the complete photo set on my photography website
you can see more photos of these gorgeous places that i've visited in Bali!

hope you all like it :)



to be continued...


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

almost night.

it's few weeks until 2013 ends.. yay! can't be more excited to welcome the new year..
now is about time people start to reflect their life in this past year and make new resolutions (which we don't fulfill most of the time).
i've kinda had enough of experiencing unexpected bad things this year. family financial crisis, family members got hospitalized, and the latest were two accidents in a row.. oh gosh don't even want to think about how bad this year has been for my family generally.

but to be fair, not all of 2013 was bad actually..
some of my close friends here got married (so very happy for them!), met my close Melbournian friends in Bali, fire, wood & earth got a little stronger than before and the business was picking up unexpectedly quite well (official website is coming up very soon!)...and the best thing is that through the family crisis, our family got A LOT stronger and much than before! it's truly a blessing in disguise, so i thank God so much for that.

although i can't wait for what's waiting for me in 2014 (hopefully everything is good), there's still few weeks until the end of 2013... so we gotta make the best out of it :)
few more parties to do: Christmas, NYE, but the closest to me is a slightly different party..which is Djakarta Warehouse Project ;)
time to rave our heart out and throw away all the stress..even for just one night :)

knit jumper: Stradivarius, flowy inner black dress:, fake leather leggings:, grey wedges: unbranded, cross statement necklace: Diva, watch: MK

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

get coated.

end of the year.. weather is getting chilly, and winter is coming on the northern hemisphere. aren't you all excited?? :)
i love when it comes to winter, because it's the time when we can go all out with fashion.
the most important things for winter fashion to me are perfect coats/jackets and a pair of nice boots.
they can really highlight the whole look. but for now, i'll just talk about coats/jackets.

as for me, because i'm a bit tomboy-ish myself, when i search for coats or jackets i always choose designs that have a bit of masculinity in it.
clean and neat-cut, minimalist, edgy, comfy with mixed textures are my formula for perfect coats. but sometimes these kind of designs are too expensive.
but lately i discovered an online store called Persunmall. this shop is already popular for the nice stuff they have (dresses, bags, jewelries, shoes, and many many more!), and most importantly they offer VERY affordable prices!! i'm seriously lucky to have found this shop!

now below are the kind of coats or jackets i love that you can find at Persunmall...

which one do you like? for those of you who have different taste from mine, don't worry, just visit and you can find many more choices of styles for your winter fashion ;)

additional info for bloggers, i found out that Persunmall has an affiliate program which any of you bloggers can apply for. i decided to join because first; i fell in love with their products, and second; this program is easy and we can get a lot of benefits from it. we can earn commissions and freebies ;)

program details:
  • Sign up for free. Join to earn high commission easily.
  • Up to 15% Commission on all sales
  • AOV is $129
  • High conversion rate
  • 90 cookie days
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • A variety creative of banners and text links
  • Special Offers and Coupons/Deals
  • Real time reporting and sales tracking
  • All kinds of fashion-forward products

for more info about this program, click here. join now :))

for the rest, happy holidays and happy shopping girls!! :D

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Traffic is the name of this cafe where i took these photos at. one of the owners is one of my bf's friends. quite a nice place for hangout, i'll most probably be coming back to that place again sometime soon (and i promise i'll take more photos of the place ;) to show you how it really looks).

these few weeks have been so stuffy for me, lots of work to be done..or maybe i just overreacted.
but i was happy that i decided to go for a short trip to Bali. a short getaway from the stressing responsibilities and deadlines. had to clear this 'traffic jam' in my mind, lol.
met some friends from Melbourne there and loved every second of it.
can't wait to start sorting the photos of the trip and share with you guys. but other commitment is still waiting, so i have to humbly leave it until my work is finished.

until then, please be satisfied with this lazy casual style of mine. this is where heels and statement accessories give the most help to a rather less than ordinary outfit.

(that was my lil sis at the background calling a waiter :P)
 boyfriend jeans: Rip Curl, heels: MC

for those of you who have instagram, you can check out my feed at @by_agnes :)
cheers! <3

Saturday, October 19, 2013

game on.

highlight of the week: my boyfriend moved in to my place.. yay! :)

our main reason is because it's been so hard living separately especially when we're working on a home-based business together. unnecessary misunderstandings, inefficient works...ugh, so irritating. and by doing this, we hope things will get much better.
well, actually living together is not a new thing for us, we've done it for years when we were still abroad. we're so used to it and we had the best time in our lives.
but to (finally) be able to do it here in this conservative country is definitely a new thing, because you know..the whole idea about unmarried couple living together under the same roof is kind of taboo here.

although honestly i never cared about that 'rule' even for a bit, but i still do care about what our parents feel. so when they happily gave us permission, we didn't think twice and we quickly set up our tiny space ;)
i can never thank God enough for giving us such open-minded parents who always support anything that can be best for us and bring us happiness <3
sometimes i'm amazed to have cool parents like them among this 'tied-up' society..where people are living by (sometimes ridiculously) strict "rules".

in my younger age, i always strived to live by rules and expectations of people. i aced school years, followed all the rules, rarely made mistakes, but all of that didn't lead me to the happiness i looked for.
until i finally realized that the only happy times i had was the time when i broke the rules. when i felt freedom.

that's when i knew that when you play your game in school, sports or any other games, you can win by following all the rules.
but in the game of life itself, the only way to win/succeed or simply to get the ultimate happiness is by breaking all the rules.

and for me, the most successful//powerful/happiest people are those who can balance both things smartly.

oversized baseball jacket: my boyfriend's.