Sunday, May 24, 2015

jane doe.

We came here without knowing anyone..without plans. All we knew was we wanted a fresh start.
This place is totally a new jungle for us. We were nobody. No one knew who we are.
We didn't know if we could survive in this land. But we did what we are best at, handed our fate to the hands of our Creator up there. Everything was in aleatory.

Fast forward to a month (or so) later.. We made progress, a significant one.
One of the best perks of starting afresh is that we get to meet new people.. We gained new friends.
All credits go to my husband for this. Before we came here, he made the effort to get to know in person all the photographers whose work he admires. Whether it's in Indonesia or from overseas.
The reason why was because being a photographer in Bandung was never suitable for him. Although things were running good, he was never satisfied. Everything there was so different than what he truly loves to do regarding photography.
So he started looking outside. Finding the people with same perspective as his, who he can connect with.

One thing I love about my husband that he's not scared to make a bold move to get out of the wrong water. "Before I got poisoned and everything is too late", he said.
He was always searching the right place and the right circle where he can feel truly belongs.
So when he met these guys, our first friends here, he finally can speak his own language.
He has found the right jungle to explore. It never felt so right.

From this point, he surrenders himself to what our Creator gives us here.
He proved once again that with having good intentions, being hardworking and humble person had never failed him. His faith to God and to life is bigger than anything.
That's what I love about him. That's what I've been learning from him.

outfit: TOPSHOP maroon lace crop tank, JayJays black long cotton skirt, Diva bangle, H&M rings, Rubi gladiators.