Friday, September 27, 2013


how is it possible that day by day goes so static and slow, but years go super fast??
i always feel that nothing's really changed in my life in this past 1,5 years..but suddenly when i looked back, i was surprised that actually EVERYTHING has changed.

1,5 years ago, i remember we (my bf and i) were still enjoying our life coming back here in Indonesia...played hard with our old friends from highschool, then couple of months later we decided to start a tiny photography business together..which brought us into a longgg ride of emotional roller-coaster since then (yea it was such a hardwork to control the personal relationship vs business/professional relationship situation. AND to maintain both in good condition at the same time!)

and now a year later, just like in these photos, we found ourselves standing on a path that is still under-construction.
a path that we've been working on together towards our next life goal(s), and eventually towards our ultimate dream (which i cannot tell you about just yet..). and nothing beats the feeling when we find that we're actually making significant progress more than we realized.
at this point, we are two people with more synchronized life visions, and with a better shaped tiny business in hand.
and we can't wait to face what's next :D

step by step, i like to live life and build my path slow but solid and certain.. speedy process isn't my thing. i want to experience as many bads and goods as possible in each step we take. it's the journey that matters, right?
so that is our way to keep our journey meaningful.  :)



Saturday, September 21, 2013

decision alteration.

these few months have been pretty good to me. ever since our family got out of the hardships by God's grace, we are pretty much happy again :)
it's like we're looking at a clear sky again after long time!
there's so much new hopes and we can't wait to move on..
all of our plans that have been postponed, now seems possible and within reach (although of course it still needs time to be happened).
as for my personal plans, of course some things have to be adjusted...some decisions have to be altered.. and pretty soon i know my life is going to change. but anyway, i really hope that this positive energy will last for longgggg time :D
in the mean time, i just need to get prepared of what's ahead of me ;)

asymmetrical top: Moschino, high waisted harem pants: dotti, army boots: Novo, gold watch: MK, round bag: thrifted

Thursday, September 12, 2013


yep, i finally had time to take shots of outfits again after long time..
decided to take a week off after all the work i've been doing. latest projects are done, i feel like myself again.
deadlines have been kicking my ass all this while. my thoughts were overlapping one to another. i know i should be thanking, not whining, but gosh the fresh air of no work smells better!
by the way, summer has been showing her face lately. sunlights and warm nights.
i could use a holiday right now... i miss the beach!

Friday, September 6, 2013

stripes & checks.

so here's another 4 of my casual daily outfits which i gathered from my instagram.
i've decided to do this outfit compilation thingy more often here, as it's getting quite troublesome for me to do outfit shoot with my dslr nowadays.. but please expect some proper/more presentable outfit posts every now and then from me ;)
in the meantime, this post should be able to fill in the gaps.