Saturday, November 9, 2013


Traffic is the name of this cafe where i took these photos at. one of the owners is one of my bf's friends. quite a nice place for hangout, i'll most probably be coming back to that place again sometime soon (and i promise i'll take more photos of the place ;) to show you how it really looks).

these few weeks have been so stuffy for me, lots of work to be done..or maybe i just overreacted.
but i was happy that i decided to go for a short trip to Bali. a short getaway from the stressing responsibilities and deadlines. had to clear this 'traffic jam' in my mind, lol.
met some friends from Melbourne there and loved every second of it.
can't wait to start sorting the photos of the trip and share with you guys. but other commitment is still waiting, so i have to humbly leave it until my work is finished.

until then, please be satisfied with this lazy casual style of mine. this is where heels and statement accessories give the most help to a rather less than ordinary outfit.

(that was my lil sis at the background calling a waiter :P)
 boyfriend jeans: Rip Curl, heels: MC

for those of you who have instagram, you can check out my feed at @by_agnes :)
cheers! <3