Monday, January 21, 2013

holiday photo diary.

this is my travel photo diary to the group of islands called Karimun Jawa end of last year.
it was my first time backpacking with friends..and the whole thing felt so different compared to normal trips that i've had done before..where we usually stay at nice hotels or resorts with all the convenience they provide.
this time, we get to mix ourselves with the locals. we can see what they do everyday, and how they live so happily even with the limited sources! it's amazing to have such experience..

we stayed at a place called Wisma Apung or The Floating House.
it's a place owned by a local; a nice woman with some helpers and a son. the house has many small rooms to be rented to the tourists.
it's called the Floating House because it's built on top of the sea! everything is limited... from 6am to 6pm, the electricity will be shut down. but it's actually no biggie at all, since we are always out to the ocean and other islands in that time (we do snorkeling in the middle of the ocean every single day!!) ;)
and the coolest part of this house is; they have SHARKS as pets!! how awesome is that!

feeding the sharks, fishing at night, warm gestures from the locals, lunches at different islands everyday, beautiful place, and fun friends...really really good memories.... <3 <3 instagram photos of the trip..
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Friday, January 4, 2013

Dean's day.

happy belated new year 2013 lovelies!! i'm back to blogging. (hopefully this time would be continuously >,<)
being online once every whenever-i-want is definitely a proof that i still can't beat my commitment issue.. i'm still working on it!
on the other side, how was your new years holiday?? if i had to describe my new year's holiday, it would be one phrase: ULTRA-AMAZING!
i finally did snorkeling in the ocean for the first time! that means another tick-off of my 'things to do before i die' list. haha.. so very happy about it. like it was a big deal :D
but i'll tell you the reason why it was kind of a big deal for post! i'll write about my trip and the details.

in the meantime, what do you think about a James Dean post? :D so glad that i got this tee! looked for it long time..and finally i got the one with his signature too :D
adore him so much! classic hotness ;) probably the hottest actor in his time... but in our time, the hottest for me is his doppelganger; James Franco! <3
kay, enough with me bimbo-ing..
fyi only, i did the shoot long time ago, but just got a chance to post em now..
and i got a feeling that there will be more posts of me wearing him with different outfit combo :P

James Dean tshirt: lavaluc, black tights:, b&w snake print heels: my sister's, beanie: Cotton On, black batwing knit cardi: Dotti.