Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bali (2).

after the long wait...finally here is the second batch of my photo diary from Bali.

i spent a hot burning afternoon browsing around at Sukawati Art Market with my boyfriend and some friends, looking for some souvenirs to buy before we flew back home.
hundreds of stalls selling almost similar stuff, i almost gave up searching...but in the middle of my walks, i stopped when i saw a beautiful local teenage girl smiled at me so genuinely as i walked pass by her.
with her sweet shy voice, she invited me to come to visit her stall and have a look at the handmade accessories she was i did.
we were talking to each other while i was choosing some bracelets for myself. she's 13 years old. her name is Putu.
i was so drawn to her because she's such a friendly and nice girl. i could tell that she wasn't being nice just to get me buy her stuff...she has a genuine personality and i could tell from her sparkly eyes :)
she was helping her family in that market. her father was selling paintings. her grandma was with her selling handmade accessories. they are such nice people..

Putu was so shy that when i asked her to take a photo together with me, she was always covering her face with a bamboo fan she was holding. but my boyfriend managed to snap some shots of her when she didn't notice..hehe.

if you come to Bali, don't forget to visit Sukawati Art Market and make sure to buy stuff from this lovely girl! i want to meet her again the next time i visit that place :)

the rest of the photos were taken at Potato Head Beach Club. a very cozy place to enjoy sunset with good music and ambiance. perfect getaway from a busy city life..
the last three photos were on the last afternoon after we had lunch at Beachwalk mall in Kuta.
then we we were waiting for our flights home...slurping natural coconut water. life could not be better.

P.S: i posted the complete set of my Bali trip photos on my photography website, see the full experiences (especially the beautiful sunset) there! :D

Putu and her grandma
at Beachwalk mall rooftop