Thursday, December 18, 2014

merry christmas.

Hello guys.. Holiday is finally here! It's a week away from Christmas.. How is your Christmas preparation going?
Although I am not having a fancy family holiday, but I am all excited more than usual for this Christmas. I don't know exactly why, but this month makes me full of new spirit.. I am naturally being more hopeful this month.

It's a shame to admit that I've been being so skeptical for too long. In my defense, it's because life has been playing me all around last year and this year. Whenever there's something good happens, there will always be something bad following...always. I can say it's 50-50 this year, I couldn't enjoy anything fully because it could turn into something unfortunate, made me really cautious. Although to be fair, this year has a lot more awesomeness than last year, which I am very thankful about.

Maybe that's why I am full of hopes this Christmas. Our family has had enough of experiencing bad things during these past couple of years. I can't wait for this year to end. I am hoping a new year full of certainty of goodness. :)
It's a good start that I actually have been feeling a strong positive energy since last month that's still lingering a bit longer until now. And I hope it will go on much much longer, if not forever. I hope Santa hears me on this one. ;)
Have yourself a Merry Christmas everyone! Let's make a wish! :D

outfit: ASOS mesh blouse, old Valley Girl coat, vintage mom white pants, New Look cutout boots, Charles & Keith bag, Diva bangle, Michael Kors watch

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

new chapter.

So, here I am. Being someone's wife now.
Unbelievable how a scattered mind like me managed to step into marriage life. I feel like (nearly) everything becomes neutral again.. Although there's still not many significant differences in the way we live our everyday life (yet), but I can feel like we were placed back to the starting point and given opportunity to see the journey ahead with a clearer view than before.
Perfect timing to sort out our goals & purpose in life as one, rearrange our plans, and readjust our sails. I do hope we will catch the wind that will take us through many interesting adventures and bring us to the places we've always dreamed of :)

About my wedding, I asked God to let my wedding day be a memorable one for everyone..and He answered it exactly.
The whole last week before D day was a mix of stress and fun. Stress because of some unexpected things happened, and fun because we reunited with our close friends from Melbourne...they were the ultimate stress reliever!
And on the wedding day itself, a mix of panicking dramas and a surprising happy ending. Everything was in fast-forward mode. We couldn't really remember what happened in each moment exactly. Those were the best memories I've had in my entire life but they passed in the blink of an eye. So I've been depending on the photos and videos that our friends and families took, enough to recall the highlights of that day. And ultimately (still waiting) the ones from photographers and videographer we hired. I will write a separate post when my wedding pictures are done.

I am not sure what my marriage is going to be like exactly, but judging from the wedding day itself, I am pretty sure that it won't be a boring one. Also thanks to my moody self that will definitely add more spices to the marriage. I hope my hubby is ready to rock and roll the hell out of it :D

outfit: Forever New silk cotton printed scarf, unbranded high-low dress, Rubi booties.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


It's the last week of November.
If I were to describe this November, it would be 'LIFE CHANGING'!
Why? This is the most special month for us, not only because we are going to tie the knot very very soon, but also because it's when we got offered a huge opportunity to do something we only playfully dreamed about sometimes..and never expected it could come true anytime soon. Something related to work. Something that needs us to change our near future life plans.

Though I don't want to get too expecting about it, and more importantly, I need to focus on the wedding at the moment!
But I am just too excited that I wanna thank our almighty God for everything that already happened and will happen this month. 
I really hope the wedding will bring great memories for everyone and will be the start of many more great things in the future!
And about the other life changing deal, if it's God's plan for us, then it will happen. I can't tell anything about it yet because many things still have to be prepared, everything is still brewing and uncertain. All I can say is something BIG is likely to come our way.

outfit: H&M white turtleneck, Stradivarius pencil skirt, New Look emerald clutch, New Look cutout boots, Diva ring, Michael Kors watch, Rubi sunnies

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

about anni.

Anni here is the abbreviation of anniversary.
Today is the 9th years my partner and me have been together.
We used to celebrate our anni with having a nice dinner, exchanging gifts, flowers, etc etc.
But today, we decided to spend it by going to the bookstore to buy some art paper that I need (and it has nothing to do with anni celebration), then sitting down in a cafe talking about work plans and super important new coming project.

Yeah, I know it's no way near's just another ordinary day.
I feel like the longer we spend much time together, the less need to have big celebration over things such as anniversary. (Anyway we still had a chillax coffe date, that hopefully counts :P)
Not that we become lazier, but more like because we already know THAT much about each other that left nothing else to talk about the relationship iself and big celebration at this age of relationship feels kinda cheesy lol.. #boringcouplealert
On the other hand, talking about future plans is way more exciting and real for us at the moment :D

Also in a couple of weeks, our anniversary date will be permanently changed ;)
So that adds to why we keep our anni today low and slow.. Maybe because it's overwhelmed by the excitement of our coming big day? Yea I guess so.. But it doesn't lessen the meaning of today.
Cheers to the 9th year and forever to go! :)


outfit: H&M dress, H&M rings, Michael Kors watch, Maripe shoes.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

match made.

You know that amazing feeling when you finally found the one that you've been searching for in a long time...and when you both met, it is in a perfect circumstances.
You just clicked and feels like it is meant to be..

Um no, I am not talking about soulmates whatsoever..

I am talking about how I feel when i found these:

1. This last season Zara tweed and leather jacket (for under $60!)

2. This Monk flat buckle shoes (for under $50!)

I found the jacket last year during Zara sale, and it was half priced with perfect condition, perfect thick materials and my size.
While the monk shoes were found on sale at ASOS this year. Perfect masculine look (exactly like what I had been looking for!) and sexy shining black skin with high quality material.

I am a budget shopper.. So having met those two babies were like pretty big achievements, lol.

You can expect more of me mixing and matching those two items with other different outfit styles in the future posts :)


outfit: Zara blazer and shorts, JayJays plain white tee, Truffle monk flat buckle shoes (found at ASOS)