Saturday, October 19, 2013

game on.

highlight of the week: my boyfriend moved in to my place.. yay! :)

our main reason is because it's been so hard living separately especially when we're working on a home-based business together. unnecessary misunderstandings, inefficient works...ugh, so irritating. and by doing this, we hope things will get much better.
well, actually living together is not a new thing for us, we've done it for years when we were still abroad. we're so used to it and we had the best time in our lives.
but to (finally) be able to do it here in this conservative country is definitely a new thing, because you know..the whole idea about unmarried couple living together under the same roof is kind of taboo here.

although honestly i never cared about that 'rule' even for a bit, but i still do care about what our parents feel. so when they happily gave us permission, we didn't think twice and we quickly set up our tiny space ;)
i can never thank God enough for giving us such open-minded parents who always support anything that can be best for us and bring us happiness <3
sometimes i'm amazed to have cool parents like them among this 'tied-up' society..where people are living by (sometimes ridiculously) strict "rules".

in my younger age, i always strived to live by rules and expectations of people. i aced school years, followed all the rules, rarely made mistakes, but all of that didn't lead me to the happiness i looked for.
until i finally realized that the only happy times i had was the time when i broke the rules. when i felt freedom.

that's when i knew that when you play your game in school, sports or any other games, you can win by following all the rules.
but in the game of life itself, the only way to win/succeed or simply to get the ultimate happiness is by breaking all the rules.

and for me, the most successful//powerful/happiest people are those who can balance both things smartly.

oversized baseball jacket: my boyfriend's.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

the make-believe autumn.

hello october, nice to see you :)
it's autumn season on the Northern hemisphere this time around, spring on the Southern, and for us in the tropics...well, it's always the same s**t for the whole year, LOL.
but for now, the best we can get is that rainy-gloomy-chilly weather (which is my favorite!), at least the mood feels similar to autumn :P
there will be more excuses for intimate coffee dates or for the sinful midnight snacks :)
what i love about autumn is that when the weather starts to get chilly but not ridiculously cold, so we get to stack up some reasonable number of layers on our outfit (to cover those cute muffin tops we get from midnight snacks :P).
and most important thing is the colors. beautiful and humble dark tones with nothing too striking, i love em.
so for this post, i put a hint of autumn colors on my outfit. simply to satisfy my longing about spending autumns in Melbourne with my special ones there.

those of you who actually read my writings might already know that i'm more of a past person.
while others are busy dreaming about future, i take my time in reminiscing good memories. and (frankly) i think it's the thing that keeps me going forward.

"Make your life a story worth telling" is my foremost motto in life.

after that, then comes the famous Mark Twain quote:
"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

i always have strong desire to make great memories in every part of my life.
i want to be like those grandmas who has unlimited stories to tell to their grandchildren :)
and i like to reminisce because by doing that i realize how interesting my life has been and that how i am triggered and motivated to make new great memories.

right now i'm back in a safe harbor after finished my short sailing journey out there. i consider this moment as time to adjust my sails and fix my boat...before i finally go back out there. i know i would be back out there eventually ;) and i am dying waiting until that time finally comes.

ooh autumn, see what you've done to me. you got me floating in my sky of make-believe thoughts again :D

top: Kate Spade (old), jeans: Miss Sixty, jacket: JayJays, sunnies: Rubi, shoes: New Look

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

all black attack.

who knows having a skinny boyfriend would give me many advantages? lol.
i am referring to this black sweater. just when i was contemplating to buy a new black sweater to match my new black cut-out shoes, there my bf said "i have one, why don't you take mine?". i was like "ooh you sweet boy really complete me." :P
somehow this sweater gives a perfect oversized look on me.
and it'd never left my wardrobe since then.. haha..

to be honest, nothing boosts my confidence as much as an all-black outfit would do. i'm sure i'm not the only one with that thinking.
it kinda combines all the contradictions into one.
it's got the feel of being unseen and standing out at the same time. it's (scientifically) all colors which mixed together becoming one. simple style, yet with a complex mood. classic and also very modern.
and i can go on..and on..and on about it :)

P.S: you will see me wearing black more often on my next posts (and most likely with more stolen borrowed boy outfit ;P)

sweater: Industrie Clothing Australia (men), skirt: Supre, shoes: New Look, bag: Charles & Keith, gold watch: MK, sunnies: rubi