Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Two posts ago I wrote about my dream to have a nomadic life.. Where I could move to different places every few years, to experience new lives and new things..well it is still a dream but I wouldn't put my whole focus on making it come true as it will only bring stress. If it's gonna happen, I'll let it happen naturally.. I keep my faith.

Now I'll write about something that somewhat related to the nomadic life.. It's something I'm excited about. I have read some articles about 'minimalism' in living, and strongly interested in doing it.
In fashion, the person who claims to be a minimalist fashion enthusiast could have piles and piles of clothes and stuff in their closet (usually identified with monochrome or basics). The 'mantra' is black-white-nude-(and sometimes denim)-repeat. But it doesn't mean that they don't shop a lot or had become a fashion victim in some way.

While minimalism in living is when we practice minimalism in a broader and deeper sense. Owning less stuff is the key. Consumerism is the enemy.
Normally we are prone to buy a lot of stuff which are often we don't really need, and they end up piling up in our storage room. The habit of buying more and more stuff will create the need to have a bigger house, which also means bigger amount of bills, loans and expenses. And when we finally get a bigger house, we will want to fill it up with new stuff we like. It's a deadly circle and it has no end (especially humans are creatures with hunger and endless wants). Consumerism won't do good to our finance and it certainly won't make us into better human beings..or more importantly happier human beings.

Having moved to Bali recently has made me realized something... All the stuff I own and left at my home town, I can't even remember them. It made me thinking how insignificant they actually are. All those money I spent, now are left piled up, forgotten...become junks.
This made me really eager to adopt this minimalism life style. Although because I'm a fashion enthusiast, practicing this life style can become tricky, but it isn't impossible. I only need to learn to spend my money more wisely. The thing is, we already have what we need (primary needs), what's left is to control our wants.

Nowadays I learn to reduce my unnecessary possessions. When it comes to buying fashion related stuff (or things that I know I don't really need but often buy impulsively), I really limit myself. I start with telling myself that I'm allowed to buy new stuff once every 6 months.
"Buy less, choose well", that's my mantra when shopping now. I personally think it is better to buy stuff with long lasting good quality (even if it means a bit more expensive) once in a long while, than to keep buying cheap stuff that won't last long (which can only triggers us to keep shopping).
And with my outfits, I can get creative mixing and matching things that I already have. With one piece of clothing, I can create so many different outfit styles.

I believe that practicing minimalism will definitely change my life in a positive way...and lead to the happier life. Why? Because now with the money we have, we can manage it for better purposes such as investments, business and our future. And with the extra money, we can spend it on more enriching and definitely more valuable EXPERIENCES and activities/hobbies than on the endless amount of stuff we buy that will only become worthless junks.

To practice this is not easy, but I know it will be worth it. Own less stuff, have more experiences! Especially if someday my dream of having a nomadic life comes true, this life style will definitely be perfect :)


outfit: Mango blazer, Supre harem pants, H&M lace bra, Diva body jewelery & bracelets, ASOS monk shoes