Sunday, February 17, 2013


although it's a bit late.. but here's a post of what we wore on Valentine's.
we wanted that day to be casual and light :D so we decided to wear the basics. white tees and jeans, perfect.

i found it actually quite fun to wear matching outfits on all should try sometimes..
once in a while though, not everytime. coz it will make other people sick of you both, lol.

as simple as it looks, our Valentine's was laidback too. we HAD TO watch a cheesy movie in a cinema..yes, had to. part of our so called tradition, lol. we have to watch cheesy movie on Valentine's. then we keep the movie-tickets from each year.
it was Love and Honor. 5 out of 10 points in our judgement. but we had fun, not because of the movie, but because we made our own version of the story that was know when you watch a pretty boring movie and sometimes you add your own random dialogue and ruin the mood of the movie while watching it, that's what we did, lol. hopefully we didn't laugh too loud :P

after that we stopped by a new cafe in town to have dinner. adorable interior, i always love places with home-vibes..makes me comfortable. it was quite packed of people, so the service that day was not too good..took really long to send our orders out. but the waiter that served us was nice and we could tell that he did his best.
as ex-waiter and ex-waitress, we can differentiate which waiters/waitresses that do their job properly and those who are just shitty.
so, that night, no complain ;) we really appreciate the waiter who did his job professionally despite the busy restaurant.

that was it for the day :D

|him| white tee: JayJays, jeans: G Star Raw, beanie: Cotton On, glasses: RayBan, accessories:
|me| white tee: Supre, jeans: Zara, classic black leather belt: Charles & Keith, scarf: gifted

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

arbitrary day.

first of all, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY lovelies!!
this is my second favorite day in the year after Christmas.
february has always been an eventful month for me.. full of events!
my bf birthday was on the 11th, and the 14th we've got Valentine's Day (and yep, call me a hopeless romantic but it's a must for me to celebrate it even with just a simple celebration), and my little sister birthday is on the 17th.

for some people, Valentine's Day is arbitrary. some say it's not necessary to celebrate it, as we can celebrate love everyday.
but be honest, is there anyone among us who gives flowers or chocolates or gifts to their loved ones every single day? i doubt it.
yes of course we should show our love everyday...but in a cheesy way?? it's gotta be only today! on Valentine's Day :D

although i'm quite a romantic at heart, but i don't like men who are over-romantic..they're big turn-offs for me. you know with the poetic gestures. bleh.
luckily my man is far away from over-romantic...a bit too far i guess, lol.
that's why every Valentine's Day i demand him to be something he is usually not. it's a safe day for him or other not-very-romantic guys out there to be romantic and cheesy as much as they can without getting embarrassed! how fun is that! :D i get to see his other side ;)

we have a Valentine's Day tradition, started around 3 or 4 years ago where he usually gives me a single red rose (my favorite flower ever) and we go for dinner then watch a romantic movie in the indoor cinema or picnic at the open-air cinema (that's only when we were still in Melbourne though).

so what's your favorite Valentine traditions with your loved ones?

oh btw, this is not the outfit i'm wearing today. this is when we celebrated my bf birthday days ago :)

anyway, have fun on your Valentine's Day! <3 <3

white shirt: vintage from mom | soft floral skorts & mary jane shoes: | gold necklace: unbranded | watch: MK

Friday, February 1, 2013


these days have been so hectic for my bf and i..
preparing our mini tiny studio can't be more tiring when it's just the two of us involved.

bought some affordable furniture, wall paints, stationery, also going to add some studio equipments soon... all these spending really squeezed our pockets til dry. but we did what have to be done.
gotta keep running and digging some new holes to actually get us back on our own feet like we used to be..and finally be settled.
ahhhh..the smell of the dream..that's the only thing that keep us going.
so exhausting, but hey..there's always a little happiness we can enjoy in the time of struggle.
for me, all those times we spent on confusing ourselves choosing furniture, colors, even arranging workstation...i enjoyed them very much.
in fact, i got a new "stationery" addiction! oh no. i am now craving for cute stationery all those rubber stamps..and the super lovely paper sets for snail mails.. GOSH! someone please wake me up and tell me that it is not a good time to have a spontaneous addiction! >,<

oh look, the pattern of my top looks like snails! lol.

black lace shirt: Penny Pence | faux leather skirt: Supre | washed out neon tank: Supre | heels: Charles & Keith | bracelets: gifted | watch: MK