Sunday, August 10, 2014

irresponsible hiatus.

i'm a person who believes that to survive in this overrated life, we need that sense of balance in everything. true happiness for me is when i know i have a balanced life.
although, ironically balance is a challenge for a personality like mine.
just like how irresponsible i am for having abandoned this blog and my instagram for more than a month.
but in my defense, that is the sign that i am actually active in my real life instead. so, sorry i'm not sorry peeps.. *teehee*
(seriously tho, keeping online life and real life synchronized is a pain in the arse for me *boooo*)

during that month, i was caught up in helping mom with her baby shop, and never been so happy reuniting myself with my parents, sisters and brother (while they were on holiday) before we got back to our own lives like now.
on the other side, my wedding prep is already halfway through. along with that, i am still dealing with had to deal with those infamous pre-wedding jitters crap. and again, my imbalance personality doesn't help at all. thankfully my bf (or fiance) has been patiently being the sane one. but anyway it's a whole side story which i might share later on (no promises tho :P)

for filling the gap, now here is some casual outfit shots which taken long time ago but i forgot to post. oh i am so helpless.

outfit: unbranded denim jacket, Forever21 shirt, Forever New belt, Zara shorts, New Look clutch