Sunday, December 9, 2012

december therapy.

entering the second week of December gets me all excited and giddy.
especially this year is the first time i celebrate Christmas together with my whole family (after coming back from Melbourne)... and my sister who studies in Malaysia came back to spend the holiday too! so i feel really complete and content, surrounded by all the loved ones. :D
almost all plans to celebrate Christmas and NYE are already set, can't wait for the execution!

December really brings back my mood. i suddenly feel hyped, like all the problems had disappeared or put into some other places.
it's like a therapy that works like magic!

hopefully i can keep the spirit and positivity up right until this year ends...or, even better, if it continues to the next next years!

how about you lovelies? how's your holiday been? :)

jacket: Dotti, floral shirt: Logo, green mustard shorts: Zara (very old), boots: Novo