Friday, June 21, 2013


it's Saturday...a beautiful one, and i'm alone at home. gotta say i'm quite enjoying it..for the first time since forever ago.
no music, no tv, only silence...good stuff :)
frankly i am more productive when i'm not surrounded by people. don't know since when i became this type. i guess life events can truly change a person.
some of you might already know what i've been through in my life from my last post...although it wasn't written clearly, because i don't like to share details with people. but bottom line; family crisis.

every time whenever i'm sad or in a bad situation in life, i would turn to be a 100% different person. 180 degrees different. i realize that, and i let it be.
usually i would lose all the interests to do nearly anything and starting to push people away from me.
it's like i'm waiting until all turns good again..then i can continue my bright side of life. until then, i would numb myself and enjoy my 'lone-time'.
yeah, i'm a freakshow sometimes.
like in these 3 be honest i don't even know what i've been doing..(except work of course, that's the only entertainment i could afford. man, people are too noisy sometimes.).
i barely went out of the house (means i didn't shop at all these few months! achievement!).
it's like i'm in a life coma....hence, the blog-coma too.
but the good news is, i can feel that things start to get better.
although the storm hasn't completely passed, but i can see the dark slowly turning dawn.

and the best thing out of that i feel i am much closer to my family than ever before.
and during this crisis, i learn a lotttt. now i can differentiate people, the fake ones and the real ones (it's another story).
so God, thanks for your test. i hope my family and i would ace it ;)
i'm already bored living 'under a blanket', and can't wait to get out of it :)

meanwhile, here's some photos of my visit to an art gallery / cafe in the upper side of my town. hope you would enjoy it :)

striped blouse: unbranded, pants: Mango, heels: Zara.