Tuesday, July 17, 2012

BALI, The Goddess Island {travel photo diary | part 2}

ooppss.. first of all, sorry it took too long for me to post the second part of my Bali trip. ever since i came back to Bandung, i've been a bit busy (in a good way ^.^)
anyway..don't wanna bore you all with the details..
lets continue the story..

i took this photo from inside of our bus. it was a traditional Balinese parade, apparently there was an event going on that time, but i don't know what it is.

so after enjoying the beauty of the mountain side of Bali, we went down to the beach side. this was when we just arrived at Potato Head. a new cafe/bar/resto near the beach, the place is really cosy.

very creative architecture of Potato Head. the design really stands out, as you can see :)

sisters posing :)

now this is a different place. it's a resort hotel, Ayana Resort. it is one of the amazing place to stay in Bali. it was my second time there, but i didn't go there for staying in the resort. i went there to visit a super awesome bar.

THIS! is the most awesome bar i've been to in Bali. it's called Rock Bar. it's located far down near the sea. from the resort, we can take an elevator down to the bar. trust me, when you visit Bali, you need to go there. it's at best when you watch the sun sets beautifully there :)

dinner time. it's a restaurant called Bale Udang. the food was delicious that i forgot to take photos of it, hehe.. the place is pretty and the service was good. perfect for big group or family.

on the next day, which was our last day, we took a boat to the Turtle Island. it's an island where they take care of sea turtles and many other animals, but mostly turtles.

with my dad :)

so what do they do to these beautiful turtles? they catch them, they take care of them (especially the sick ones and the little ones), they attach microchips in them and eventually they set them free..back to the ocean. the microchips are used so that they can easily track the turtles in the ocean.

left: how adorable the little turtle! | right: it was my first time to take a photo with a snake! they are not slimy as i thought they would be

siblings, from the oldest to the youngest :)

this is where the story ends. a photo of the whole group.

it was a great trip! and i can't wait to go to Bali again...next time with friends ;) double the fun.

BUT anyway..luckily i don't have to wait too long to have fun with my friends...because i am going to Singapore in two days :D
it's a 4 days trip.
hopefully it's gonna be super fun! and the most important thing, i get to meet my long-gone bf who is coming back from Melbourne. yay! :)
i'll keep updating through my instagram . so for those of you who have instagram, please follow me :) i've been addicted to it! :P


  1. Amazing pictures, it's really such a magical place :) It looks like a great trip. Animals are so cute but I admire you, because I'm afraid of snakes :D


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  2. really nice vacation! ashame me I've never gone to Bali. Nice dress you have pretty! :)

  3. Very nice pictures and nice outfits!

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  4. You are very lucky to visit such a beautiful places!
    enjoy it!


  5. omg I wanna go there... :) What a wonderful inspirational photo diary! I can't wait for the next photos :p I'm a little jealous now, because where I live looks NOTHING like what you visited hahaha :p



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  7. Adorei o blog, muito lindo, amei tudo. Parabéns mesmo, vou sempre estar aqui (:


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  9. love your photos.. and you have amazing post

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  11. Wao, these photos are just gorgeous!! It looks like such a fun time!


  12. Beautiful pics, definitely want to visit Bali some day!!!
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  16. really lovely photos, darling! especially the architecture of potato head how cool!

    xx rae


  17. Wow! Amazing pictures!

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  18. you are so lucky!! :) amazing places and photos.

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  20. great pictures, you are so pretty and brave (the snake :) )! would you like following each other? xoxo