Saturday, October 19, 2013

game on.

highlight of the week: my boyfriend moved in to my place.. yay! :)

our main reason is because it's been so hard living separately especially when we're working on a home-based business together. unnecessary misunderstandings, inefficient works...ugh, so irritating. and by doing this, we hope things will get much better.
well, actually living together is not a new thing for us, we've done it for years when we were still abroad. we're so used to it and we had the best time in our lives.
but to (finally) be able to do it here in this conservative country is definitely a new thing, because you know..the whole idea about unmarried couple living together under the same roof is kind of taboo here.

although honestly i never cared about that 'rule' even for a bit, but i still do care about what our parents feel. so when they happily gave us permission, we didn't think twice and we quickly set up our tiny space ;)
i can never thank God enough for giving us such open-minded parents who always support anything that can be best for us and bring us happiness <3
sometimes i'm amazed to have cool parents like them among this 'tied-up' society..where people are living by (sometimes ridiculously) strict "rules".

in my younger age, i always strived to live by rules and expectations of people. i aced school years, followed all the rules, rarely made mistakes, but all of that didn't lead me to the happiness i looked for.
until i finally realized that the only happy times i had was the time when i broke the rules. when i felt freedom.

that's when i knew that when you play your game in school, sports or any other games, you can win by following all the rules.
but in the game of life itself, the only way to win/succeed or simply to get the ultimate happiness is by breaking all the rules.

and for me, the most successful//powerful/happiest people are those who can balance both things smartly.

oversized baseball jacket: my boyfriend's.


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  4. It sounds like it'll be ideal for your boyfriend to be living with you since you work together. Loving how you styled his baseball jacket :)

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    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. Boyfriends have such great clothing items.. sometimes :P I llove the jacket!
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  6. Hello,
    I really enjoyed knowing your blog. It's beautiful, well structured, interesting!. I would like to invite you to my "home" as well and hope you feel so well there, as I felt here!

    wishes for much success!


  7. fabulous outfit,the jacket and shoes are so cool

  8. Such a beautiful outfit - I love how you put it together! Your shoes are especially fantastic :) Brilliant!

  9. amazing! <3
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  10. Love your jacket!

  11. I'm happy for you two! It's truly amazing that both of you have open minded parents and that they gave you their blessing. Hope you will have a lovely homeliving.
    Your outfit's amazing, as usual! Love the colors and the place where the photos were taken.
    I don't know what to say about your conclusion. I live by rules, and can't think of a time when I broke them. It's for sure, I did brake some rules, but it probably was so insignificant, that I forgot about it. But I can't claim the fact that I'm happy.

    Have a lovely weekend,

  12. Love the bag and the varsity jacket :D


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  14. gorgeoussss!!!! <333


  15. Congratulations on moving in together! Tyler and i are in the process of doing the same and will be all moved by Thanksgiving! I can't wait :). We are all lucky to have supportive parents!

  16. Awww congratulations on moving in with your boyfriend. Stumbled on your blog and not only do I Iove your style but I love your story as a person. You sound so genuine and just awesome!!! Please please find some time to drop by my blog and if you followed back it would make my day! Thanks Chrissy xxx

  17. congratulations!
    nice outfit!

  18. Amazing outfit, totally love it!

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  19. Congrats on the move! Such an exciting time!