Friday, January 4, 2013

Dean's day.

happy belated new year 2013 lovelies!! i'm back to blogging. (hopefully this time would be continuously >,<)
being online once every whenever-i-want is definitely a proof that i still can't beat my commitment issue.. i'm still working on it!
on the other side, how was your new years holiday?? if i had to describe my new year's holiday, it would be one phrase: ULTRA-AMAZING!
i finally did snorkeling in the ocean for the first time! that means another tick-off of my 'things to do before i die' list. haha.. so very happy about it. like it was a big deal :D
but i'll tell you the reason why it was kind of a big deal for post! i'll write about my trip and the details.

in the meantime, what do you think about a James Dean post? :D so glad that i got this tee! looked for it long time..and finally i got the one with his signature too :D
adore him so much! classic hotness ;) probably the hottest actor in his time... but in our time, the hottest for me is his doppelganger; James Franco! <3
kay, enough with me bimbo-ing..
fyi only, i did the shoot long time ago, but just got a chance to post em now..
and i got a feeling that there will be more posts of me wearing him with different outfit combo :P

James Dean tshirt: lavaluc, black tights:, b&w snake print heels: my sister's, beanie: Cotton On, black batwing knit cardi: Dotti.


  1. i super duper love the top! the last pic is cute :D

    Pudding Monster

  2. your outfit looks really cool :D
    i like your shirt and the whole combination
    and aaaw your hair !! gorgeous :)
    xoxo ;**

  3. I love your photos!
    Absolutely amazing!

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  5. You look awesome :)
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  7. Love this pairing - the pumps are gorgeous! James Dean, such a hottie ;) And the photography is amazing!

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