Sunday, February 17, 2013


although it's a bit late.. but here's a post of what we wore on Valentine's.
we wanted that day to be casual and light :D so we decided to wear the basics. white tees and jeans, perfect.

i found it actually quite fun to wear matching outfits on all should try sometimes..
once in a while though, not everytime. coz it will make other people sick of you both, lol.

as simple as it looks, our Valentine's was laidback too. we HAD TO watch a cheesy movie in a cinema..yes, had to. part of our so called tradition, lol. we have to watch cheesy movie on Valentine's. then we keep the movie-tickets from each year.
it was Love and Honor. 5 out of 10 points in our judgement. but we had fun, not because of the movie, but because we made our own version of the story that was know when you watch a pretty boring movie and sometimes you add your own random dialogue and ruin the mood of the movie while watching it, that's what we did, lol. hopefully we didn't laugh too loud :P

after that we stopped by a new cafe in town to have dinner. adorable interior, i always love places with home-vibes..makes me comfortable. it was quite packed of people, so the service that day was not too good..took really long to send our orders out. but the waiter that served us was nice and we could tell that he did his best.
as ex-waiter and ex-waitress, we can differentiate which waiters/waitresses that do their job properly and those who are just shitty.
so, that night, no complain ;) we really appreciate the waiter who did his job professionally despite the busy restaurant.

that was it for the day :D

|him| white tee: JayJays, jeans: G Star Raw, beanie: Cotton On, glasses: RayBan, accessories:
|me| white tee: Supre, jeans: Zara, classic black leather belt: Charles & Keith, scarf: gifted


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  2. You guys are too cute in your matching tees and jeans!

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  4. you look good together, and i'm glad you booth happy on your Valentine date!

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  5. I LOVE that you both wore the basics. You both look SO cute. I love these pictures, really adorable!

    xo, Yi-chia
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  6. you guys are really adorable!


  7. You both look so cute!

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