Friday, October 10, 2014

peeking Perth (2).

that day was a long day..
we went for a road trip to a tourist attraction Cape Leeuwin, and we visited Margaret River area along the way to have big lunch at Sails Too Cafe :)
Margaret River is a pretty area, but we didn't stop to explore there for too long.

after few hours (yes, it's a longgg trip), we arrived at Cape Leeuwin to see the historical lighthouse and the beautiful ocean view around it. They provide a tour for those who want to know the complete story of the place and the historical lighthouse there..
The wind is extraordinarily strong! but apparently it's like that every single could get even stronger on most days.
Cape Leeuwin is not only interesting because of the lighthouse, but it is also the meeting point of 2 oceans (Indian ocean and Southern ocean)! very very beautiful place..

after Cape Leeuwin, we drove to Busselton, where they have the longest timber-piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. the beach is sooooo calm and beautiful! stunning view!

these are the highlights of our jouney in Perth part 2.

this is totally cool. see how the waves come from both sides and crash at each other in the middle of the ocean (at the meeting point of two oceans).
super strong wind! haha


the longest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere 
i only added a bit of contrast to this photo, with no filter!

our last stop that day is a secret beach, where my friend usually hangout at dawn with some friends stargazing. it is a cool secret hideout place!! we went there at night, but unfortunately it was quite cloudy.. i could only imagine how super amazing it would be when the sky is clear <3 <3

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  1. Beautiful photos! Looks like a great trip.