Friday, June 29, 2012

`live by the sun, love by the moon`

`live by the sun, love by the moon`
anyone of you has heard this quote before? last time i checked, this quote is by an anonymous. and as we all know, quotes by anonymous are always the best ones. agree?

this quote has a major, maybe even the biggest influence in the way i live my life.
we only live once, so why not living it brightly? just like the sun. give energy to anything around you.
independent. be your own source of energy. and happy. :) 

but when it comes to love and relationship, do it like the moonlight.
shines not too bright in the deep dark night, as it may hurt people's eyes and blind them.
do it just enough.
bright enough for us to see the person, and dim enough to cover some of the weaknesses... so it could let us use more of our sense of feel, not only our eyes.
keep some things as make it more interesting. just like the moon does. :)

floral shirt-dress: Minimal, light brown knit jumper: Dotti, sunnies & wedges: Rubi, bangles: Diva, necklaces: unbranded vintage, gold clutch: vintage. 

P.S:  next post will be my outfit posts and travel diary in Bali. hopefully i can sort out and edit the photos fast enough..hehe
oh, and so sorry that i'm still not able to reply some of the comments from the previous posts..because internet is such a pain here in  my parent's even took so long to upload a post. so when i'm back to my city, i will definitely reply and have a look at your lovely blogs ;)


  1. really love your dress
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  2. you look very sweet in this outfit.. cute!

    xo, Carla

  3. love your dress :D

  4. you look so fresh!
    nice photos :)


  5. loving the dress, great outfit. thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  6. You have such a great style!! Love all ur outfits :)
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  7. Lovely style!!!!
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    1. hi, sorry for the late response.. yes, i've already followed u back on both :)
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  9. Lovely interpretation of the quote. I am making a plaque with the quote for my daughters 21st birthday and your words make it ever more appropriate.
    thank you. Dawn