Saturday, September 1, 2012

i found Noah.

for those of you from Melbourne, it's not a secret anymore that a good coffee is extremely necessary to start the day...and it's just not for few people, but all the people in Melbourne are addicted to coffee.
it's become a strong culture that made Melbourne as a home for world-class baristas.
living for about 4 years in Melbourne, of course made me one of those coffee addict as well..
going for brunch to have lovely meals and to sip good coffees had been my favorite thing to do while i had day-offs.
the fact that now i'm living in an asian country, in which coffee is not a culture, is quite hard for me.
everytime i go to cafes or the so-called "coffee" places here, i always get not many of them don't really know what a good coffee should be. (or maybe just because i'm already brainwashed by Melb's coffee culture? i don't know, hehe..)

now, have you ever heard the saying "people often look for loves to places that are far away, while the real love is usually very close to you" ?
this is what happened to me! lol..
i finally found a cafe which serves real coffees here..even better, it's only a few steps away from my house!
gosh, can you imagine how random it is? and how happy this has made me? haha..

it's called Noah's Barn Coffeenery.
located  on: Jl. Laks. M. U. Nurtanio (Garuda) No. 39. Bandung 40184, Indonesia.

follow their twitter: @noahsbarn and facebook page:
also, as if it's meant to be, the cafe is really Melbournian style. one of the owner is actually a friend of my friend (so we're roughly in the same age) who studied in Melbourne as well...but we never met and knew each other in Melb.
the friendliness of the owners really make extra points!

you guys (especially who live in Bandung) should definitely try this place ;)


and one more thing, they also do cute latte-arts :)


patterned knit jumper: Tancha Knit, dark green pants: H&M, mary-jane shoes:, accessories: assorted, bag: vintage.


  1. This place looks lovely - I thought it was in Melbourne at first! Cute outfit too :)
    R xo

  2. This place is lovely with really inspiring dacoration! Thanx for showing!

  3. You look incredibly great blog :):*

  4. oh i love the vintage vibe on every each of your shoots! love to steal your knit tho

  5. Lovely place, I wish I could go! And you look stunning, love your shoes!

    Btw, thanks so much for the nice comment on my blog. I already follow you on GFC, hope you too! And if you want, we can follow each other on other platforms. Just let me know if you do through a comment or a post on my facebook page and I'll definately follow you back!

    Have a lovely day


  6. The coffee look so pretty with the illustration on top! :D I am so jealous, I want to vsiit Melbourne one day!

    Btw love your sweater! :D

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  7. oh myyyy that's such a lovely cafe <33 i will definitally visit that place if i go to bandung next time! thanks for sharing!. love ur watch and shoes agnes :)

  8. your sweater is so pretty :)

  9. aww such lovely photos! and wow, the latte-art is so impressive :) i adore your shoes by the way! XO

  10. Love your outfit, you look perfect head to toe!! I like you I "can't live" without a good cup of coffee!!

    Kisses, Vera

  11. amazing photos in a climate place :)
    i just fell in love with your jumper:)

  12. aww great post! lovely photos! aahhh i love the angry birds latte! I dont normally drink coffee but that does tempt me!

  13. you look gorgous in these pictures! i love your panths and you pullover!

  14. great sweater!! *.*
    would you liek to follow each other? :)
    xoxo ♥

  15. Of course I want to keep with you contacts :):*

    I would be very pleased
    closely following your blog :):*

  16. Love these pictures, what a lovely shoes You have!
    please,visit me at and tell me what You think...
    Xoxo, Karolina...

  17. I want to go to Melbourne so badly! I love cute coffee shops, I think it's like my second home.

  18. I can definitely relate! Coffee is a big part of my life and I've developed a taste for proper lattes and a good atmosphere to read something while I drink it! I'm now following your blog! I think it's great! I hope you can check out mine and follow back!


  19. Very cute outfit :) Love the pants and heels. Good coffee is hard to find. Glad to hear that there is a close place nearby you! I think good coffee in the morning is definitely a necessity ^_^

    Joyce @

  20. i love ur look and how the pictures was taken.


  21. That place looks cute :) I don't drink coffee, but I am sure their hot chocolate is good! And your outfit is adorable :)


  22. OMG that place is TOO cute! I LOVE the latte art! Thanks for stopping by my blog beautiful! I'm so glad you did because now I found yours :) I'm excited to be your newest follower :) Hopefully you pop back by mine so we can stay in touch!
    xoxo Darby
    Obviously Obsessed 

  23. I'm Your new follower:) I'll wait for YOU:) watch and bracelet- beautiful!

  24. Hi! Fanstastic pictures! :)
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Check my blog, and let me know :)))


  25. look like cool place,
    maybe i have to visit this place,

    love your sweater btw

  26. i love this look. you look fab <3

  27. Great outfit. I really love your jumper.


  28. Hi!!! You have an amazing blog, so I have given you the "Sunshine Award" check on

    Kiss, Vera

  29. I used to live in Melbourne too and I have yet to find a coffee place in Malaysia that meets the standard TT^TT This cafe looks incredible and the decor and feel really reminds me of cafes in Melbourne. Angry bird latte art is a huge plus!!!!


  30. <3 - You Know why?:) stay in touch:)

  31. I love your sweater!!<3
    would you liek to follow each other?

  32. your gold watch is absolutely amazing. You look cool!


  33. Adorable outfit ! That angry bird latte art is hilarious !
    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  34. Lovely blog!! would you like to follow eachother via gfc/ facebook/ bloglovin or more?

  35. Having a go-to coffee place is a must!!! Cute blog! Following you on GFC and bloglovin. Come check out my blog and follow back if you like it!!!

    xx Marla

  36. Sounds Like an absolute perfect find! Love the patterned sweater can't wait until we can start wearing them here. I followed via GFC I would love if you would follow me on FB,


  37. Cool pics! Love ur knit.

  38. totally love your top! btw, lo tgl di melb? aaah let's meet up sometime :p


  39. i like your sweater, very cut look :)

  40. Looks incredible, and aw at the angry bird latte art, i need to take my boyfriend there just for that. Lol :)



  41. Totally awesome sweater! Great post!