Sunday, November 23, 2014


It's the last week of November.
If I were to describe this November, it would be 'LIFE CHANGING'!
Why? This is the most special month for us, not only because we are going to tie the knot very very soon, but also because it's when we got offered a huge opportunity to do something we only playfully dreamed about sometimes..and never expected it could come true anytime soon. Something related to work. Something that needs us to change our near future life plans.

Though I don't want to get too expecting about it, and more importantly, I need to focus on the wedding at the moment!
But I am just too excited that I wanna thank our almighty God for everything that already happened and will happen this month. 
I really hope the wedding will bring great memories for everyone and will be the start of many more great things in the future!
And about the other life changing deal, if it's God's plan for us, then it will happen. I can't tell anything about it yet because many things still have to be prepared, everything is still brewing and uncertain. All I can say is something BIG is likely to come our way.

outfit: H&M white turtleneck, Stradivarius pencil skirt, New Look emerald clutch, New Look cutout boots, Diva ring, Michael Kors watch, Rubi sunnies


  1. I like your white turtleneck :)

  2. The clutch is so pretty!

  3. Great outfit. I love the black and white minimalist outfit, and the pop of emerald green purse is a great addition to the outfit!

    Congrats on the work opportunity! Looking forward to hearing from it.

  4. This looks so great on you! You are so flawlessly fashionable C:

    The Blog Hermit

  5. Hi Agnes! I love this black and white ensemble! You look so chic, and the boots add edge to the look!

    Jessica |

  6. Love the outfit, the bag is so cute

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  7. I absolutely have to get my hands on a pair of those shoes! Also loving the pop of colour with your green bag and your white turtleneck that is so reminiscent of the 60s trend. Love it!

    xo, Rach