Wednesday, November 12, 2014

about anni.

Anni here is the abbreviation of anniversary.
Today is the 9th years my partner and me have been together.
We used to celebrate our anni with having a nice dinner, exchanging gifts, flowers, etc etc.
But today, we decided to spend it by going to the bookstore to buy some art paper that I need (and it has nothing to do with anni celebration), then sitting down in a cafe talking about work plans and super important new coming project.

Yeah, I know it's no way near's just another ordinary day.
I feel like the longer we spend much time together, the less need to have big celebration over things such as anniversary. (Anyway we still had a chillax coffe date, that hopefully counts :P)
Not that we become lazier, but more like because we already know THAT much about each other that left nothing else to talk about the relationship iself and big celebration at this age of relationship feels kinda cheesy lol.. #boringcouplealert
On the other hand, talking about future plans is way more exciting and real for us at the moment :D

Also in a couple of weeks, our anniversary date will be permanently changed ;)
So that adds to why we keep our anni today low and slow.. Maybe because it's overwhelmed by the excitement of our coming big day? Yea I guess so.. But it doesn't lessen the meaning of today.
Cheers to the 9th year and forever to go! :)


outfit: H&M dress, H&M rings, Michael Kors watch, Maripe shoes.


  1. WOW! You look sooo gargeous! chic and classy!! Love it!
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    Just started following you, Waiting for you to follow back :)
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  2. Simple yet beautiful! I love the black! it looks very elegant. x

  3. I love these images! I love the lushness of the green, and the black dress looks really good against it :)

    Congrats on your 9 year anniversary!

  4. Absolutely stunning dress! And congrats on your 9 years, that's a huge deal :)



  5. Very atmospheric photos)

  6. Love those shoes!

  7. Lovely Dress ,you look adorable! Also the Garden looks wonderful :)
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  8. Your photos are amazing, what camera (and setting) do you use luv?

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog too, always returning the support