Friday, May 23, 2014

SIN (part 1)

there are still SO MANY photos from Melbourne trip that i want to share, but for now i gotta jump to Singapore trip photos first... my bf's advice is to save the best for the last, hehe..

we came to Singapore for a short trip on February, because my bf irresponsibly booked a flight as soon as he saw a promotion/cheap tickets from a certain airline 6 months before that  (=,=)"  not a really wise act, but we enjoyed the trip regardless.
this was more of a casual trip, since our main target is to visit local independent coffee shops that are quite popular nowadays.

we were amazed by how cafes in Singapore have been rapidly increasing in numbers, and they are sooo much like in Australia. from the interiors, the coffees (of course), the food...they make it very similar. apparently this third wave coffee culture from OZ land has properly hit Asia including Singapore.
personally i much prefer those cafes in Australia of course, but Singapore does it quite good too i think :)

for this first post, i've posted some photos when we visited Oriole Coffee Roasters that's located at 10 Jiak Chuan Rd.
the cafe is small and quiet, perfect for a hideout and i liked it :)
coffees are also good, and the interior is minimalist with touch of asian vintagey stuff. interesting!

after that we head to S.E.A Aquarium in Resorts World Sentosa. although we almost always visit Sentosa whenever we come to Singapore, we never actually visited the aquarium there we did..just for the sake of it, lol. you should too, it's interesting.
after that we walked around at Siloso Beach. we enjoyed it very much, we were tempted to come back to Siloso the next day...but we didn't, since we had quite a packed itinerary for the whole 5 days trip.

that day was pretty good :) and here are what our eyes captured that day..

i'll post more photos later on..


casual outfit: Supre back zip neon pink tank + old working jeans + suede-ish simple black flats + Charles & Keith snake skin pattern black leather bag +MK gold statement watch


  1. What lovely photos! Such a cool idea for a trip. That aquarium looks incredible! I'd love to go :)

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  3. Really love your style, pics and the whole blog. Congrats!
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    Rocío from Fashion In College

  4. Oooh.. Looks like you had a lot of fun there!!! I'm moving to Singapore in a couple of weeks. Hope you enjoyed your vacay.


  5. the cafe looks super lovely!

    heartbeats Carola // VIENNA WEDEKIND

  6. lovely post!
    Such a beautiful pics!
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  7. Very lovely photos!
    The aquarium look.. whoa!


  8. Hey babe!

    Only just found your blog (been following you for a while on insta!). Love your pictures looks like an amazing trip - and love the pink top look <3 Have you got a twitter? Just started one recently and looking for fashionistas to follow - mine is @Gabbytweets_ :)

    Gabby @ What She Buys