Monday, June 2, 2014

SIN (part 2)

the story continues...

here are some photos we snapped while walking around Orchard on one evening. nothing too interesting on this side since as we know there were just modern malls and buildings, not really my style. BUT, this is heaven for you who love to shop. you've got everything there :)

the next morning, we went to a Strangers Reunion cafe for our brunch routine. it's located at 33/35/37 Kampong Bahru Road.
gotta say that this was the cafe that i liked the most during our trip in Singapore. since i am more of a cafeholic rather than a coffee-holic, the first thing i look in a cafe is it's interior and ambience.
i can tolerate an 'o-kay' coffee and food (as long as they're not that bad), at least the place should provide a perfect mood for me.
and for me this cafe got it all.. the place, the service, the coffee and food were spot on! totally my taste & style! :) i got to have my soy-latte, while bf had regular latte. great coffee! he loved the pork belly with buns here too.
all front staff were girls, which make it cooler ;)
we talked a bit with Regina; one of the main baristas there. she used to work at St. Ali Melbourne (which was one of my favorite cafes too in Melbourne). that lead my bf to try magic coffee that made by her, and it tasted awesome.
we posted only some sneaky glimpse photos about this cafe and that girl Regina. for the rest, you can always visit it yourself whenever you're in Singapore :D

anyway after that lovely brunch, we paid a visit to the Botanic Gardens, and i got to do some outfit shots there.
we spent time enjoying open air space away from the busy city. it was a great day for me :)

outfit: Sportsgirl white tank + unbranded skort + New Look high heeled cut-out boots + unbranded accessories


  1. awesome pics!
    you look great!

  2. love the pics

  3. Great pictures! Looks like you had a lot of fun and ate some yummy food!!! Great post and I'm getting more excited to move to Singapore now after checking out your post. =)


  4. Hi may i know what app you use to edit photos? :)

  5. All of these photos are absolutely breathtaking *o*

  6. Omg ..!! love this photos..! look like you enjoying your vacations