Friday, February 13, 2015


Happy Valentine's Day to you all!
This is the time when you can get cheesy all you want with your loved ones :)
What's your Valentine Day tradition? As for me, my hubby and I started this routine where on Valentine's Day we would go to cinema and watch a particularly romantic comedy or drama or chicflick only..and then we keep and collect the movie tickets from each year's Valentine's Day. It's been around 5 years since we did it the first time.

Today we're supposed to watch that highly anticipated love movie; 50 Shades of Grey *oohh..*
BUT, for some obvious reason and because this country where I live is really 'open minded' (notice the strong sarcasm there? lol), the cinemas here don't have it.. So we obviously will watch something else.
So here's the tribute to that 50 Shades of Grey haha.. My gray romantic Valentine style with a touch of rock and roll with the body jewellery...hence Rockmantic. :P

outfit: Valleygirl snake print maxi dress, Diva body jewellery & bangle, h&m rings, New Look cutout boots