Wednesday, February 25, 2015


As we get older, our preferences on things tend to slightly change. We like anything that are simpler, easy and we put comfort on top of everything else.
That is what happened to me when talking about my personal taste in style. I used to love heavy layerings, accessorizing, bold colors, fun prints, etc.
But now, probably because my life as an adult is already complicated enough (lol), I don't want to add another complication in my brain regarding what I should wear.
Now I always seek simplicity, versatility, quality and of course comfort when choosing/buying outfit. I look for timeless pieces. And it doesn't have to be so expensive (cannot stress it enough that I am a budget shopper), for now I can only afford middle-up class prices in buying things :D
Even though they are simple, they have to be soigne.


Like this silky culottes jumpsuit, it feels REALLY comfortable. Makes me feel light, pretty and flirty haha.. This is perfect for a girls day out or casual brunch dates.
This is actually a feminine piece, would be perfect with some pretty strap heels. But for this one I chose to borrow my sister's booties as it feels more comfortable and more like myself :)

outfit: Forever New blush/nude culottes jumpsuit, Michael Kors watch, Topshop suede ankle boots, Rubi sunnies, Revlon cocoa wine creme lipstick.


  1. amazing!

  2. I like this post... very very inspiring